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What is the mailing address of BHI?
701 Brickell Ave.
Suite 2700
Miami, FL 33131 USA
Please address your letter to the address above

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Do I have to be African American to apply?
Yes. You must certainly be of African American descent. This means that you or your family comes from at least one of the following Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. Unfortunately, those who are not of African American descent are not eligible.

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to apply for a scholarship?
Yes. Applicants must be U.S. citizens at the time of submission of their application.

I am older than the traditional college student. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. Our scholarships are not age-based. Students may apply as long as they meet all the eligibility requirements, regardless of age.

I am a community college student who will be transferring to a four-year institution during the next academic year. How can I find out about scholarships that I am eligible for?
Visit our scholarship page for the four-year institutions and programs BHI provides scholarships for or contact BHI for more information.

Is there a minimum Grade Point Average requirement?
Yes. The GPA requirements differ depending on the school the student attends.

University/CollegeMinimum GPA Requirement
Miami Dade College2.5
Florida International University3.0 (To Enter)
Florida Memorial University2.5

I’m only enrolled part-time, am I eligible?
You must be enrolled full time at the time that you apply and continue to be enrolled when possible full-time during the academic year in which you receive funds from us. If your intent is to graduate within a reasonable time (two and half years), then part time is acceptable.
Additionally, summer courses are often limited and there may be semesters when your required courses are not available and are therefore part time.

I attend a technical college and/or a vocational program, am I eligible?
Students attending technical colleges or who are enrolled in vocational programs are eligible for BHI scholarships. Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program.

I am a home-schooled student, can I apply?
Yes. In lieu of the GPA Certification Form, students must submit a copy of their official results from either the SAT or ACT test.

I received a General Education Diploma (GED), can I apply?
Yes. In lieu of the GPA Certification Form, students must submit a copy of their official results from either the SAT or ACT test.

I attend(ed) a high school or university in another country, am I eligible?
Applicants who have attended high school in another country but will be enrolling in a U.S. accredited college/university are eligible to apply, if they are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents at the time they apply. For all other programs, applicants also need to be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents and must have completed at least 12 undergraduate units in a U.S. accredited college/university or a full year (fall & spring) at a U.S. accredited graduate school at the time of submission of application.

When are applications available?
Applications for the BHI Scholarship program are available on our website. Currently, BHI’s scholarship application is open throughout the year. There is no deadline at this time. Please continue to check our website for details.
How do I download an application? click here.  

Where do I mail or fax supporting documents?
Supporting documents may be mailed to:  Black Hospitality Initiative 701 Brickell Ave. Suite 2700 Miami, Florida, 33131 or email to

Who can fill out my reference form?
The form must be completed by an instructor or advisor or, if you have been out of school for two or more years, your form may be completed by your most recent employer.  We also recommend using individuals or organizations that are able to speak to professional character. The form may NOT be completed by a relative or friend.

My transcript does not show my social security number, is that OK?
Yes, as long as you submit an official transcript (if you’re not sure what that entails, consult with a school advisor to be sure).

Can I send application items separately?
We encourage you to send your application materials together to ensure that all items are received otherwise your application may be marked as incomplete. However, required transcripts may be sent separately.

What is the FAFSA?
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is required to receive any federal financial aid (such as Pell Grant, Perkins, Stafford, etc.). You may complete this application on line at It is required that BHI applicants fill out this form. Please note that you can apply for financial aid before you file your taxes.

What is the SAR and why do I need to submit one?
A report produced by the U.S. Department of Education and sent to students in response to their having filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The SAR contains information the student provided on the FAFSA as well as the federally calculated result, which the financial aid office will use in determining the student's eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant and other federal student aid programs.

Is there a fee to apply?
Yes. There is a $50.00 processing for applying. However Academy of Hospitality & Tourism (AOHT) students and 5000 Role Mode students are eligible for a waiver.

How are students selected?
Successful candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement, industry experience, personal strengths, and leadership.

Are BHI scholarships based on merit or financial need?
Successful candidates are selected on the basis of academic achievement as well as on personal strengths, industry experience and leadership.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes.  Students may apply for more than one scholarship.  Please check the box indicated in the scholarship form application.   

Can I receive more than one BHI scholarship per academic year?
No. Since BHI seeks to help as many students attend college as possible, we only award one scholarship per student per year.

I have a really high GPA and consider myself a strong candidate. Why didn’t I receive a scholarship?
Every year we receive many excellent applications and only have a limited number of funds to award. Unfortunately, the applications we get from deserving students greatly outnumber the awards we have available. As such, we have a very competitive process and sometimes even the strongest students don’t get selected.  It’s also important to remember that if your application is not complete, you will not be considered for a scholarship. Many bright and deserving students miss out on opportunities because they submit incomplete applications. Take charge of the application process by following up with school officials and making sure that they have completed the forms they’re responsible for correctly and on time. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully. Have a teacher, counselor, parent, or some other mentor look over your application to make sure you didn’t overlook anything.

What are BHI scholarships for?
A BHI Scholarship is a financial award for a student to attend one of our partnering institutions (see our program section).

Does BHI offer scholarships for K-12?
No. All our scholarships are for college.

Does BHI provide scholarships for summer school?
No. All our awards are for the academic year in which you applied.

Does BHI provide scholarships for study abroad?
BHI funds can be applied towards tuition costs only with study abroad programs so long as the program occurs during the normal academic year and you will be receiving U.S. credit towards your degree and applied major.

What does the scholarship pay for?
Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, tuition fees, and course required supplies. Textbook assistance is available one time, up to $350.

What happens after I’ve sent my application?
You will be contacted by a staff person to schedule an interview or to let you know if you do not qualify.

When will I know if I received an award?
Your application will be reviewed to make sure you meet the necessary qualifications. If you meet the qualification you will receive a date to schedule an interview with the selection committee.

Will I be notified if I don’t receive an award?
Yes. You will be notified by the BHI Office.  

Are scholarships renewable?
Yes. Scholarships are renewable for two concurrent academic school years. Transcripts must be submitted at the end of each year. Students seeking further scholarship awards are required to reapply to the program.

If I change my mind about the school I plan to attend, what should I do?
Please contact BHI as soon as you know the school you will be attending. If you have already been awarded or notified of an award, there is a possibility that you will no longer be eligible for the same award as the program only award students for specific schools. See our Scholarships page.

My mailing address has changed. What should I do?
Please contact BHI with your new address.

How much can I expect to receive if I get a scholarship?
A BHI scholarship ranges depending on the number of classes taken and the school that you will attend.

What if I still have a question after reading the above frequently asked questions?
If you still have a question after reviewing the FAQs, please email or call 305/539-3126.

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